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Community Project Associates (CPA)
Under the umbrella of Christ Church Access and Learning Centre a new social enterprise project called 'Community Project Associates' is being established.

The object of this project is to initiate, fund, facilitate and deliver a range of activities and one off events that will benefit the whole community in a diversity of ways.

Community Project Associates (CPA) will work with a broad range of sponsoring partners across the community working to deliver social enterprise projects.

The role of the Sponsoring Partners will be to provide funding. CPA will deliver a programme of activities and events that meet the sponsoring partners' desire to support the community in a variety of ways in the areas of social regeneration, service delivery and community support in areas of social concern and need. Sponsoring Partners will be drawn from Commerce and Industry, Charitable Trusts, Statutory Agencies and Social funding Bodies.

CPA will initially work locally, focussed on Stamford and its environs, as a 'one stop agency' for the sponsoring partners.

CPA will work with a range of Service Delivery Partners in the delivery of the programme of activities and events to ensure appropriate and successful outcomes for the whole community. CPA will also work to enable SDP's to initiate, resource and deliver community support by assisting in funding and logistics.

CPA will be based at Christ Church Centre in Stamford. The range of enterprise activities will be delivered through the new Access and Learning Centre at Christ Church and in other locations.

CPA will be operated by Rosie Maclennan and Bob Mackrill. Both have extensive experience in community development, project management and the delivery of a broad range of activities and events that support all ages and sectors within the community.

Rosie Maclennan is the Chief Executive of the Stamford Volunteer Bureau and Founder of Fresh Start, a member of the Learning Centre Management Team and former Company Director

Bob Mackrill is the Priest in Charge at Christ Church, Chair of the Learning Centre, Chair of Governors to the Bluecoat Children's Centre and a former Partner and Director of a national firm of architects.

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