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StartaFresh has taken over from 'Fresh Start' which was formerly run by the Stamford Volunteer Bureau.
StartaFresh began its new operations on 4 September 2006, now run by Christ Church Access and Learning Centre.
StartaFresh now operates from new offices in the Church Centre.
StartaFresh is open five days a week: 9am-3pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and 11.30am-3pm on Wednesday and Friday.
StartaFresh - 01780 766446
StartaFresh might be for you:
  • Have you been out of work for a while?
  • Thinking about returning to work?
  • Do you feel you need a change?
  • Would you like to gain new skills?
  • Build up your confidence?
StartaFresh is here to you give support with:
  • Personal development
  • confidence building
  • Adult literacy
  • Basic IT skills
  • CV writing
  • and much more...
Just drop in to see us at the above opening times and have a chat over a cuppa ... or call us on 01780 766446.
Our main aims and some history
The main aims and activity of StartaFresh is to provide a targeted and co-ordinated step by step programme of support and training that will improve the employability, skills and abilities of people of all ages allowing them to move on in their lives in a number of ways as follows:
  • Development towards a self-managed autonomous life style
  • Provision of training to acquire a range of social and vocational skills
  • Re-integration into the labour market via paid or voluntary work
  • Ongoing mentoring and pastoral support
The project builds on and expands a successful three year pilot project, initiated by the Stamford Volunteer Bureau, called 'Fresh Start' which terminated in August 2006 and was funded by the European Social Fund.

Since moving the location of this project to the Northfields area of Stamford and integrating service delivery with the Bluecoat Children's Centre the need for these services to the community has been clearly established.

Through the work of Christ Church Access and Learning Centre this support to the community will now be continued by StartaFresh which aims to maintain and broaden the scope and delivery of personal support and training to individuals.

StartaFresh is partnered by WEA in the delivery of training needs

StartaFresh at Christ Church 01780 766446

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